Contribution and Charges

In order to support the educational program offered to your child, the school requests that each family pay a contribution. Contributions collected from parents are used to provide materials and resources directly consumed by students including provisions of texts. \

The contributions are voluntary, but directly contribute to improving the education program we can offer your child.

Primary $60.00 per child
Pre-primary $60.00 per child
Kindergarten $60.00 per child
P & C Donation $20.00 per family

Payment Options

The School Board has suggested a number of options be offered to assist parents making their contribution.


A single contribution of $60.00 (this can be paid at the school office via EFTPOS or Direct Deposit


Four equal contributions, each of $15.00 made in the first week of each Term.


Two payments, each of $30.00 made in the first week of each Semester.

The School Board would like to point out the contribution per child ($60.00) equates to $1.50 per week over the course of the year. 


To set up a Direct Deposit please use the following bank details:

ACCOUNT NAME: Tom Price Primary School

BSB: 036 182

Account Number: 910455

Bank: Westpac

Please put child first name and surname in description.