Parents & Community - Parent Communication

The active involvement of parents in the educational partnership ensures the development of an educational program, which closely reflects the needs of the community.

Avenues of effective formal and informal communications exist to provide opportunities for teachers and parents to establish a friendly, supportive and co-operative working relationship. The key to ensuring success for your child at school is to be fully aware of what your child is involved in and to be actively involved in all aspects of your child’s education.

To assist parents to be fully aware of what is occurring at school the following processes apply at Tom Price Primary.

Parent - Teacher Communication
Classroom newsletters will be sent out early in Term 1 to explain procedures and philosophies of the class teacher to parents.

Formal Student Reports
Twice a year, at the end of Semester 1 & 2, formal reports are issued for all students. Academic achievement, behaviour and values are reported. Parents are encouraged to contact class if the report indicates an interview is required. Other reporting processes throughout the year include;

Parent Meetings

Presentation Evenings

Newsletters are issued to families on a fortnightly basis and include a bulletin of school activities, organisational details, newsworthy items, special features and a calendar of coming events. The newsletter is issued to families via the oldest child at school and is also available for viewing on the school website. Please contact the school office if you are not receiving your copy.