Parents & Community - School Board

The School Board has a wide range of responsibilities that affect the service provided by the school. Its primary responsibility is to set the direction for the school by ratifying the school priorities. It is also involved in monitoring the school plans prepared to address the identified priorities and in ensuring that adequate resources (both human and financial) are allotted to priority areas. The group provides an opportunity for the school staff and the parents to work together in the development of our school

The School Board is also utilised to formalise policies constructed within the school community. By including all parties in the decision making process, broad consensus can be achieved and policies put in place that best meet the needs of Tom Price Primary School students. Examples of policy decision ratified by the Tom Price Primary School Board include;

· Homework
· Behaviour Management
· Schedule of Charges & Contributions
· School Uniform

Parents and members of the wider community are welcome to contact any member of the School Board to discuss any matters of concern or interest. Interested persons are also welcome to attend meetings as observers.


Current Board Members


Chair Person :              Sonia Powell
Principal:                      Lisa McMillan
Deputy Principal:             Jasmine Rolton
Community Member:   Paul Hart
Community Member:       Jason Lonesborough
Parent:                         Gavin Douglas
Parent:                         Kirrili Weightman
Parent:                         Felicity Guthrie
Staff:                            Alicia Druskovich
Staff:                            Kelly Geddes
Minute Taker:              Julie Watson