Our School - Positive Behaviour Support

Tom Price Primary School is a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) school. We believe, that just like children need to be taught English and Mathematics, they also need to be taught appropriate behaviours. PBS is a research-based process which encourages a safer and more effective school

With assistance from our school community, TPPS has identified the following school-wide expectations.

·   Be Caring

·   Be Respectful

·  Challenge Yourself

We have developed a matrix which outlines exactly what these expectations may look like in the classroom, during breaks and before and after school. This document is not set in stone, and will change as the school develops and identifies areas of need. It is displayed in every classroom and around the school grounds. All staff use the language from this matrix with the students so it is embedded in our daily routines.

These behaviours are taught to all students through modelling, practise and feedback. Although every behaviour is taught incidentally, every 4-5 weeks, the PBS team, in consultation with all staff, decide on a focus behaviour. A video and a lesson plan is created to support teachers to educate the students on the appropriate behaviours. These are available for you to view through the Tom Price Primary School Connect page/app. Also keep an eye out around the school for out posters to see what we are ‘targeting!’

We encourage the expected behaviours with the use of GOTCHA tickets and giving effective feedback. When the students are ‘caught’ displaying an appropriate behaviour, they may be awarded a GOTCHA ticket, which is then placed into their faction pockets in their classroom. At the end of the week, not only does each GOTCHA ticket earn a point for their faction, but it also goes into the draw to win a prize in their classroom. We also do a GOTCHA prize draw at assemblies which encourages students to earn more tickets.

Within the classroom, teachers use a bump system for undesired behaviours. Students begin in the middle of the chart. Positive behaviours may see them bumped up and undesirable behaviours may see them bumped down. The students are able to move up and down this chart during the day based on their behaviours. It is expected that teachers have discussions with the student about their behaviours and remind them of the school’s expectations. We are currently reviewing the school’s procedure for responding to students who consistently display undesired behaviours. We aim to educate and reteach them the TPPS Behaviour Expectations.

It is important to remember that some students will continue to require further support through the use of Individual Behaviour Plans (IBP’s). There may also be incidences which require a higher level support, and the Leadership team is ready to support and step in when needed. When necessary, consequences will be put in place.

Please find attached the current PBS Behaviour Matrix.