Our School - School Profile

Tom Price Primary School is one of two primary schools located in the town of Tom Price, situated in the heart of the Pilbara. The economy of the town is based largely on the enormous iron ore deposits located nearby with mining being the town’s largest employer. Tourism, involving the nearby Karijini National Park, is a growing industry. Tom Price is geographically isolated being some 1500 km north of Perth. The school’s Regional Office is located in Karratha a 6-hour drive to the North.

Tom Price Primary School currently has an enrolment of approximately 260 students.

Tom Price Primary School was established in 1967 with an opening enrolment of 42 students and a staff of 2. A period of rapid growth followed and by July of that year, 85 students were enrolled.

In 1971, another school site was established (the present High School) and the town had 670 students in 19 classes.

In 1978, North Tom Price Primary School was opened. At this stage both primary schools enrolled children from Pre-Primary to Year 5 while the older children attended the District High School.

In 1981, Year 6’s were retained in the primary schools and in 1987 the District High was given Senior High School status and the Primary schools retained the Year 7’s.

Tom Price Primary School has a construction style that is quite common in the North West. All classrooms are located on a second story, to allow for the circulation of cooling breezes. All rooms are air-conditioned to help students cope with the extreme temperatures experienced in this area.