Our School - Facilities

A unique feature of Tom Price Primary School is the large creek that runs through the centre of the campus. Dry for the vast portion of the year, it occasionally flows during the summer months when large quantities of rain fall in the area. A bridge spans the creek and parents and children are asked to use the bridge at all times.

Tom Price has attached two Pre-Primary centres and a kindergarten catering for in excess of 80 children.

The extensive play areas that exist at Tom Price Primary School, combined with modern play equipment, ensures that children are provided with a stimulating environment during breaks. Specialist teaching spaces exist for Art/Craft, Library, Science and Technology, and Music. A Technology Centre and classroom computers provide students with a current technological network with broad band internet and email facilities. An assembly area was constructed in 1996, as was a fully equipped canteen .

Tom Price Primary School is a well-equipped school and it is our intention to maintain this high standard. The close co-operation that exists between teachers, parents and children will ensure that maximum outcomes will be achieved for all students.