Curriculum - The Arts

A purpose built Art/Craft room, well resourced and containing a kiln, is on the school site. All children access a variety of equipment during their Art/Craft program.


Its been a great start to the year in the art room. We have been doing colour theory with all levels using primary and secondary colours to create art. For some of us, it’s a recap of things we learnt last year and for others is brand new! Rakaia Ellison won the art award this week for her amazing work of Cows and colour!






















In the art room we are always looking for ways to improve our art work. Over the next few weeks and in to Term 2 we are working hard at making mistakes...... yes mistakes! We don't use erasers in the art room and we are learning how to turn our mistakes into marvellous features in our art work. We are learning lots about perseverance and creativeness and learning how great art evolves from lots of little mistakes!

Here are students from Room 14 creating crazy animals with Indian ink, toothpicks and dye - some of the lovely details you see have evolved from mistakes!